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Ask an Expert: Your Oviedo dentist


1. Why would my dentist recommend a “deep” cleaning?
A deep cleaning, called ‘scaling and root planning’, is often recommended when there’s evidence of periodontal disease. Deep cleaning is more effective than regular cleanings which remove plaque, tartar and other debris above the gumline. This procedure is necessary to remove bacteria, prevent infection and further bone loss.

Imagine that your teeth are the foundation for a building. Scaling and root plan ensure that the structure beneath the surface is strong and healthy. If you ignore this, it can lead to serious dental problems including tooth loss. Your dentist’s recommendation for a deep cleaning is a proactive step to stop the progression of the infection and to maintain the health and integrity of your teeth and gums.

2. What are your options for dental veneers?
A veneer is used to enhance a patients smile by changing the size, shape, color, and contour of the patient’s teeth. The materials used to make them are either porcelain or composite resin.

Porcelain Veneers: They are made of high-quality ceramic to match your teeth. They offer better color…

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