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Leanne Culy, an artist from Australia, has a message to you


Leanne Culy believes she was born with a creative mind. Art was her favourite subject at school, kickstarting a career that traversed graphic design, interior design, styling for still shoots and TV, then making low-impact commercials while raising two daughters on an organic farm in the Wairarapa with her photographer/cinematographer husband Brian. She began by painting and then moved into designing her fabrics and furnishings, which led to Homebase Collections, a new store opened in Ahuriri/Napier. She became a Certified Professional in 2019. a full-time artist, and since taking up ceramic modelling in 2020 and doing a stint at Coromandel pottery Driving Creek last year, she’s been exploring a new medium, clay.

The following are some of the top reasons to buy When asked how she creates her interesting glazes, Leanne says, “I’m on a learning curve with glazes. At this stage, most of mine are happy accidents or collabs with other artists, so I’m keeping my forms as unadorned as I can until I learn more. I actually love the simplicity of the clay being upfront and undressed — I like the terracotta showing itself.” Above The day usually starts with a little gardening and feeding the chickens, then it’s on to the studio.

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