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Aprilia Tuareg starting the Africa Eco Race


Aprilia Tuareg, at the start of the Africa Eco Race.

Aprilia press release

You can also find out more about the following: Aprilia, it’s finally “Back to Africa”: the project announced less than a year ago to take the Aprilia brand back to the big African raids now comes to fruition with the participation of two Aprilia Tuareg Machines in the 2024 edition Africa Eco RaceThe official start date of the, which begins today, 30 December from Monaco, is today.

The entire Aprilia Racing The Tuareg was developed in close cooperation with the department of Tuareg. GCorse of the Guareschi brothers, this is a return to the first love, those off-road disciplines which were the Italian brand’s début in the world of competitions. In addition, by taking part in the Africa Eco Race, Aprilia will once again be travelling through legendary places and routes, those of the historic African Dakar, thereby bringing to mind the successful experience of Aprilia’s last participation (the last Italian bike to win at the Dakar) in the most famous rally raid in the world, in the period from 2010 to 2012.

The factory riders have the skills to ride. Jacopo Cerutti You can also find out more about the following: Francesco MontanariThe Aprilia Tuareg, developed for rally raids, is built on an excellent technical basis of the bike, which closely derives from the factory version. triumphed in its début in the Italian Motorally G-1000 class championshipJacopo Cerotti, who has a great deal of experience, won six of eight trials and a superb absolute victory in the Rally of Sardinia against lighter enduro single cylinders. Francesco Montanari, who ranked third overall in the Italian Championship, also finished on the podium at the end of the year.

The first international race in September was a great success thanks to the experience gained during the Italian Motorally. Transanatolia RallyCerutti, who won one leg in the Africa Eco Race, and came third overall, is a testament to the rapid development of the Aprilia Tuareg. The standard Tuareg has outstanding off-road capability.In the initial stages, the focus was placed on the chassis design and the engine performance under the racing conditions. In addition, a second fuel tank was added to the Aprilia Tuareg Competition version, increasing the range required to cover long rallies raid distances. Öhlins by Andreani suspension, a complete SC Project The exhaust is made of titanium. Sprint Filter air filter.

After the official start in Monaco, bikes and equipment will ship out to Morocco where they’ll get down to business on 2 January, with the first of the 12 legs scheduled. The goal is the legendary Lac Rose finish in Dakar on 14th January.

JACOPO CERUTTI ”For me, it is fantastic to be able to bring a brand like Aprilia back to the desert. Africa Eco Race promises to be a thrilling adventure and a challenge for all. It will be the same for me as a rider but also for Aprilia Racing and the GCorse Team. We have worked incredibly hard over the last few months to improve the bike. It is already very good. We feel ready. We showed a good speed in our desert tests, so we’ll be able hold our own. The first part of the race, in Morocco on harder terrain, could prove to be a bit more complicated, but I’m optimistic for the second week in the sand. I won’t hide the fact that I’d like to win some legs and stay ahead of some of our more favoured rivals, but beyond that, such a long race is so unpredictable that it’s hard to make any predictions in terms of the general standings. We will certainly be giving it our all!”

FRANCESCO MONTANARI ”Even though I am trying to stay calm, I’m sure that once I’m on the starting grid of the first trial, I’ll be overcome by a special emotion. This will be the first time I have competed in a long, demanding race. I would like to thank Aprilia as well as my brothers Guareschi for their constant support. The months leading up to this event have been intense, with testing, racing, and training. It’s my first time participating in a rally of this length, so finishing the race is my number one priority. I want to do my best, without going overboard. It won’t be simple, because I’ll be trying giving to give it my all constantly in the race, but it will be important to ration my strength and not make any mistakes. I want to arrive at the finish line in Dakar at all costs and then, once there, we’ll take stock of how it went.”

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