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Aon places cyber ILS for Andersen, one of the biggest European corporates


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Aon’s President Eric Andersen revealed today that the broker has been able to repurpose the structure created for the first cyber catastrophe bond 144A and place it for a cyber insurance linked securities (ILS).

Greg Case, Aon CEO, discussed the synergies that exist within the Aon enterprise during the fourth quarter and full year 2023 earnings call. This allows the broker to leverage its human capital, technical expertise and structuring capabilities and create opportunities in different segments.

CEO Greg Case was speaking about the “connection of commercial risk and reinsurance and risk capital”, in relation to this and how Aon can utilise expertise from insurance, to deliver reinsurance solutions and vice versa.

Case handed over to Eric Andersen to explain “the risk capital implications of how all this is coming together and the potential around it.”

Aon President Andersen explained, “I’ll use it as an opportunity to show the connectivity between the risk capital framework and maybe I’ll talk about the cat bond that I know…

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