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Another Country Begins Investigating Sam Altman’s Worldcoin


Argentina’s Agency for Access to Public Information (AAIP) disclosed that it is currently conducting an investigation on Worldcoin to determine whether it complies with security and privacy rules.

The project to create a cryptocurrency, which was unveiled in July, has been a source of great controversy because it requires eye scanning. Kenya, Germany and other countries have expressed concerns about this issue.

Argentina joins the Club

The agency in question The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other The investigation will look at how the Worldcoin Foundation, based in Argentina, processes data about individuals and whether there are any hidden risks for the privacy of crypto users. 

“The investigation will carefully analyze the processes and practices in relation to the collection, storage, and use of personal data to identify possible effects on the rights recognized by Law 25,326.

In addition, appropriate steps will be taken to address any identified issues and ensure that the company complies with security and privacy standards,” the disclosure reads.

Worldcoin’s popularity has recently surged in the South American country due to the procedure of scanning the face and iris of multiple individuals in different regions, such as Buenos Aires, Córdoba, and Mendoza, in…

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