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Angling Around


Mr. Ehrenberg–
Recently, I took my 1973 Plymouth Fury III
In for a front-end alignment. I brought him.
You have recommended some specs.
a Xerox of the factory’s manual
It shows something. It is the specification page.
called “Toe out on turns,” which was
specified as “Inner wheel is at 20°, Outer
wheel is at 18.8°”, I showed this to the
The fellow just shrugged. And older
guy in the shop said “that’s Ackerman,
we don’t check that, there’s nothing to
adjust.” I certainly have no idea, so I am
Asking the Indian chief Dr. Ehrenberg SAE
By the way, I can drive my car just fine.

Ol’ Rudy Ackermann (two n’s) was a Brit
Patents and their holders

I’m about to describe in Britain
In 1818. He’s usually the one who gets credit

He was not the designer, but just a mere
The patent attorney is Georg
Lankensperger of Munich
Think of Beer Hall Putsch
The inventor.
You should think about your vehicle
Making a tight inside turn
The wheel is a little closer to the axle.
The center point (of the said turn)
Wheels are larger on the outside than they are on the inside.
Must turn sharper. Turn.
The wheel will go all the way around
Stops, then check your turn
Angle of the inner wheel in relation to.
You can usually see the outside. You can see the outer.
Ackermann in action, a visual.
No measurements. No measurements
The reason this is spec’d in the book,
Even though there is no possible adjustment,
Diagnose steering problems with this guide.
After a crash, the path of the vehicle will have deviated.
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Parts that have been repaired
Or need to be replaced. Or, it must be.

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