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The Pastoral Care of Sick People: An Approach to Suffering


Brother Schafer Knostman, O.Carm.

A serious illness is something that most of us experience at some point in our lives. People who are seriously ill often experience pain, a loss of purpose, or worry about their relationship to God. A gentle discussion about possible reasons for pain, ways to discover purpose, and consolation from God’s goodness can be of great help to them.

 It is a pain to get rid of

Physical pain can be overwhelming when you are sick. Someone could, for example, be a victim of a severe burn, or suffer from paralyzing pain due to a spinal injury or other condition. Pain can be seen as a form of punishment or something we suffer for others. It may even unite us with God. Understanding the reasons behind pain can help people cope with it.

Pain is the result of original sin, and is therefore a punishment for humanity. Suffering may be easy to feel. You can also contact us by phone. It is not a good idea to bring up this topic when you are talking to someone who is in pain. I cannot judge if someone’s suffering is due to their sins as a pastor. However, in some cases, such as…

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