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Text by Katherine Cloninger Ellis • Photography Courtesy of Weldon Owen

Chef Carolyn Robb discusses taking tea in the palace, and much more.

Many young girls imagine themselves as princesses who live in castles and enjoy tea parties and frolic in gardens. While earning a regal title is quite an impossible task, unless you’re lucky enough to be born into the royal bloodline or happen to marry well, a select few, including Chef Carolyn Robb, manage to beat the odds and have the unique opportunity to call one of England’s superb palaces their humble abode. Though Carolyn won’t typically be found attending galas with esteemed guests or donning precious jewels on a daily basis, for 13 years, she was likely to be found hard at work in the kitchen cooking a nice homemade meal for her employers, who just happened to be the Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana.

Carolyn was the youngest child of five in South Africa. She fell in love cooking as a child, learning alongside her mother. “We had a lovely garden and always had fresh produce for our meals,” Carolyn recalls. “My mum was…

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