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Alpinestars Announces Tech-Air 7x Airbag System


The Tech-Air 7x vest can be worn separately or integrated into Tech-Air compatible racing suit and jackets. (Alpinestars/)

The evolution of wearable electronic airbag systems continues with the introduction of Alpinestars’ Tech-Air 7x. Designed to be more compact and easy to use, the Tech-Air 7x replaces Astars’ Tech-Air Race and will be sold alongside the already available Tech-Air 10, Tech-Air 5, Tech-Air 3, and Tech-Air Off-Road.

That all-inclusive lineup mostly completes Alpinestars’ aim of having a Tech-Air system tailored to any type of riding, be it at the racetrack, on the street, or in the dirt.

Similar to the Tech-Air Race that it replaces, the 7x can be integrated into the company’s Tech-Air compatible racing suits and jackets, or used as a stand-alone vest when utilizing the converter kit that comes with the system. The user may replace the canisters during the first four deployments of the system before sending it in for full service, including airbag bladder replacement.

Tech-Air app allows riders to check vest status, battery status, and more. You can also update the system’s firmware via the app. Notice the extended coverage on the back.

Tech-Air allows riders check vest status, batteries status, and much more. You can also update the system’s firmware via the app. Note the coverage that is extended on the back. (Alpinestars/)

The airbags are designed to protect the entire upper body. This includes the back, chest, collarbones and shoulders. The Tech-Air 10 also offers hip protection.

Convenience has always been a hot topic in the airbag discussion. Astars has addressed that by adding a USB-C charger to the activation flap. Being able to integrate the Tech-Air 7x into compatible gear also increases overall practicality The following are some examples of how to get started: comfort—no worries about grabbing your suit and Airbag vest is required when heading to the track.

To use the system, simply zip up the vest then close the magnetic flap. The integrated lithium-ion batteries have a 25 hour riding life. Battery status and more can be checked via Alpinestars’ Tech-Air app, which is accessible via Bluetooth.

Alpinestars’ attention to detail is obvious.

Alpinestars’ attention to detail is obvious. (Alpinestars/)

The main control unit has 12 sensors, including four triaxial sensors. It also contains a triaxial accelerometer as well as a triaxial gyroscope. For improved performance, two triaxial accelerometers have been placed on the shoulders. AI-based algorithms monitor the deployment of the airbags in the case of a crash.

Alpinestars’ main claim with each of its airbag vests is their ability to significantly decrease impact force when compared to a CE-certified passive protector, and that will once again be a big focus here. Convenience, compact dimensions and easy integration in compatible products are the icing on top.

Tech-Air 7x comes in sizes XS-XXL and costs $999.95. Availability will be April 2024.

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