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Permitting is both rewarding and frustrating. Even if you do everything correctly, such as dropping a fly right in the sweet spot of the fish, you may still be empty-handed. Anglers all over the world are enamored with these fish.

Most anglers don’t target permit on fly until they are proficient at the sport, and even then it can be hit or miss (emphasis on miss). The sense of achievement that comes from finally landing one erases all the missed opportunities. Ask anyone who has landed a permit on fly what the experience was like, and they’ll tell you something along the lines of, “I worked my butt off for it.” Fly-fishing guide and tyer Doug McKnight certainly falls into that category.

McKnight, who grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, spent his childhood fishing for largemouth and smallermouth bass, trout, and whatever else would take his lure using conventional gear. He was introduced to fishing by his father when he had just turned three or four. This sparked a passion that lasted a lifetime.

Doug McKnight, who lives in Livingston Montana, spends a lot of his off-season tying flys.

McKnight spent a great deal of time with his father fishing, but it…

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