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All our Favorite Crowd-pleasing Vegetarian Chili Recipes


With the Super Bowl just around the corner and cozy winter recipes circulating, it’s the perfect time to try a new chili recipe. This collection of veggie chili recipes will help you to avoid the common association between game day and warm winter gatherings.

Joni Marie Newman, founder and contributor to Just The Food. The Meat-Free KitchenShe considers chili one the most versatile dishes, especially for vegetarians/vegans. Here she shares her tips on how to transform meat-heavy dishes into vegetarian-friendly recipes, for beginners and for veterans. She suggests treating vegetables as if they were meat products, and seasoning them or marinating them the same way. “Whether you’re trying to create a dish that replicates meat or has a flavor completely on its own, it’s all about the seasoning,” Newman says. “You want ingredients that will soak up the flavors the most,” she notes, pointing particularly to vegetables like jackfruit or the meat-substitute TVP (textured vegetable protein). 

TVP is a crumbly version of ground beef, which makes it ideal for…

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