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A Post About Venice Inspired by My Daughters


Few days ago, while driving back from a community theatre’s musical production The Little Mermaid My daughter asked me, “Why do you think Venice has canals and not roads?” This was a great question, and I was glad to answer it. This question inspired me to go back and revisit a few articles on this topic, which I knew were somewhere in my blog archives. This is my updated list for teaching and learning Venice. 

You can find more posts here that are inspired by questions my daughters have asked me.

Venice Backstage is an 17 minute video explaining how water is contained and buildings are kept upright. It also explains how residents move about the city.

Venice Backstage offers additional articles, graphics and videos to complement the information in the video.

This Street View Trek allows students to virtually explore Venice. The Street View Trek allows students to explore Venice by foot, and also travel along the canals on gondolas. Students can also step inside historical buildings within the city by participating in the Street View Trek.

Google Arts & Culture has thousands of items tagged with “Venice” for students to explore. I recommend you start with Seven Amazing…

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