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Learn about Spotted cat breeds


Some domesticated cat species have beautiful spots that look like a miniature cheetah. Spotted cat breeds are less common than cats of other colors.  

The wild and beautiful appearance of spotted cat breeds makes them popular. Here are a few spotted cats you might have seen:

Bengal Cat

A Bengal cat is an domesticated cat, a hybrid between the Asian leopard cat (asiatic cat) and domestic cats. Specifically the Egyptian Mau.

Bengal cats date back to early 1900s, when breeders crossed domestic cats with Asian leopard cat. 

Bengals are also known for their loyalty, care and intelligence. 

Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Maus were once worshipped as deities by the Pharaohs. They have a distinct, spotted fur. The coats of these cats are dotted with smaller cheetah like spots (whereas Bengals tend to have larger leopard-like spots).

This is one of only a few breeds of domestic cat that are naturally spotted. It is a very rare breed. 


Ocicats are a breed of cat that is the result of a cross between an Abyssinian and a Siamese. 

The cats are wild-looking because of the small spots on their coats.

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