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Airlines ask FAA to regulate competitors out of business


Air travel is never particularly glamorous, but nowadays—with long lines, cramped seats, and the larger prospect of flight cancellations—it feels less appealing than ever. Expedia, a travel website, conducted a survey that found 55 percent of Americans consider commercial flights “more intimidating than filing taxes or going to the dentist.”

A smaller airline thrives by offering customers a superior experience at prices comparable to those of the major carriers. It’s no surprise that the bigger companies want to close it down.

JSX is a regional airline that operates out of private terminals rather than large commercial jets. Most flights are short, like the popular Burbank-Las Vegas route. It also offers a Miami-New York flight.

In the smaller terminals passengers can board their planes without having to pass through Transportation Security Agency checkpoints. JSX actually checks the TSA database for pre-checked passengers before boarding.

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