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AI is the Cognitive Friend We’ve Always Wanted


Recenty, I gave a keynote at the California City School Superintendents Fall Conference (CCSS). My topic was the future of education with AI. Before I arrived, these leaders had already been learning about AI in a variety of ways and from a wide range of stakeholders. They used their social media experience to predict what AI might bring. They carefully balanced the politics of their communities, boards, local government agencies and parents with their staff. They were creating policies and implementing plans. 

And they often did this work without much cognitive or emotional support.

Dr. Carmen Garcia, president of CCSS, Superintendent of Morgan Hill Unified School District and an incredibly thoughtful and kind leader, welcomed the group with one sentiment; “being a superintendent is lonely”. The high-pressured role of Superintendent is a highly-publicized and responsible one, no matter how many people you have on your team. 

In the education world, we’ve seen ad nauseam the ways educators can use AI to produce lesson plans, quizzes, and report cards. But I would argue, the most important potential of AI isn’t to enhance human…

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