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AI 101 for Teachers: 5-part Video Series| 5-part video series


Aviv Khan from Khan Academy! I taught in NYC for 5 years and now spend my time trying to make teachers’ lives better through technology. I am excited to share with you the five-part series that my team developed in collaboration with Code.org, ETS and ISTE for teachers interested in getting expert perspectives on AI. AI 101 is an upbeat, digestible and informative guide for teachers. You can download the app for free. There are several series.

  • This course provides educators with the knowledge and skills they need to integrate AI into their classrooms in a safe and effective manner, improving both student learning and teaching methods.
  • AI provides educators with strategies for protecting students from such risks as misinformation and algorithmic bias.
  • It helps teachers understand AI better, and can be used to create AI-based education solutions that are tailored for specific classroom objectives.

You’ll find all 5 videos right here on this blog post and in Khan Academy’s AI for Education course: Unit 2: Teaching with AI. Enjoy!

The Series

AI 101 for Teachers Session 1: Fireside chat with Sal Khan and Hadi Parvizi 

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