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Following Regulatory Clarity: Here are Investment Opportunities


Gary Gensler should name his autobiography if he ever decides to write one. Clarity in Regulation.

It would be a bestseller because the crypto industry will tweet nonstop. We’re talking a million copies, easy.

Everyone in the crypto-industry shares the same dream: regulatory clarity. It would be a big deal if we knew whether or not crypto was a security..

There may soon be regulatory clarity. It’s for real this time. (Part 12)

My question is, What next when the regulatory framework is clear??

Smart investors are planning ahead. Rather than complaining that the laws aren’t fair, we should be positioning ourselves for new laws. Things are happening.

The PYUSD changes everything

PayPal recently launched its own stablecoin, PYUSD, which some experts are saying may accelerate regulatory clarity – that is, to get crypto-specific laws passed more quickly in Congress. Here’s John Rizzo, formerly of the U.S. Treasury Department:

“The prospect of hundreds of millions of users soon having easy access to a stablecoin on a platform they already use … creates a new urgency for lawmakers…

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