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Dressage Movements: Advance Your Dressage Movements


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Every city has its own unique place. Dressage test where even the humblest mount can score just as well as—or better than—the fanciest horse. They are the “non-brilliant movements,” of dressage so called because the gaits play little to no role in how they are ridden and judged. Frequently overlooked in daily schooling, these elements offer the clever rider the opportunity to gain a competitive edge—and they’re also good basic training, whether you choose to show or not. So let’s learn how to polish up these non-brilliant gems until they sparkle.

Dressage Movements that are Not Brilliant

Non-brilliant Movement is at First Level or Below The halt. Second Level adds two new moves: the reinback and turn on the haunches. The latter becomes a walk-pirouette from Fourth Level upwards. In this article, we’ll focus primarily on the halt and rein-back.

Halts, rein-backs, and turns on the haunches are called non-brilliant because “there is no impulsion in any of these movements,” says Eliza Sydnor Romm, an FEI-level trainer/competitor and U.S. Dressage FederationFrom Chapel Hill, N.C.

“Impulsion is what pushes…

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