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Accusation against Jesus/Yeshua that he was “son of god”


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Who is Jesus to you?

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I am:
Jesus/Yeshua, a prophet of Gd who is truthful and the Israelite Messiah that is truthful, I love Him, right?

“Porrey said”

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Yeshua – the truthful Israelite Messiah cannot be G-d. He was born to Mary who was not a wife of god.

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Jesus/Yeshua – the truthful Israelite Messiah was an Israelite (aka Jew) and he followed in the Word of G-d given to Moses (aka Torah), right?
He is reported to have claimed to be “Son of God” (not by him in first person but by anonymous narrators in third person) in the sense it was usually used in the Torah ( aka OT), right?
The only meaning of the word “which” is:

  1. being loved by “G-d”-(‘the-father’)/Allah/YHVH The following are some examples of how to use
  2. The chosen one (Messenger/Prophet)of Him, right?

It is ,therefore, wrong to take “son of god” in physical and literal terms, right?
If they interpret it literally and/or physically, the Christians, including JWs, LDS, and all of the other 45000+ denominations, are out of context, right?
Isn’t it an accusation against Yeshua that he was “son of god”,…

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