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LGND Supply Co.’s 39TH High-Profile Giveaway

Everyone loves to win stuff—especially really cool (expensive) stuff. Although the odds of winning the lottery are slim, or a massive jackpot in Vegas for most people, there’s still a chance to catch a windfall that is equally exciting. LGND Supply Co. has become known for its amazing vehicle giveaways. The vehicles being given away aren’t boring OEM condition cars and trucks—these are heavily modified rides that are major come ups to the enthusiasts who win them. LGND has already given away 38 vehicles, and now we’d like to show you number 39.

By the time this issue hits newsstands, the deadline to enter to win LGND’s 39th giveaway vehicle (appropriately named LGND39) will have ended, sadly. As much of a bummer as that may be, we’ll look at this story as a raising of awareness for future contests, which happen quite often. The winner of LGND39 will not only receive the fully-decked-out 2022 Ford F-450 Limited Powerstroke, which is worth $90,000. They will also get a $50,000 check to cover taxes and fees associated with winning such a truck. If you read the fine print, it is clear that this extra cash can be a huge help when it comes to income tax time.

Now, those who pay close attention to LGND’s giveaways might look at this truck and ask if it is the same exact one that was given away in the past (LGND10). The short answer is no. The F-450 model that preceded it was from 2020. This one is a 2022, which was updated to include the latest suspension system and interior. Also, newer style headlights, taillights and grilles are standard.

These projects were designed and constructed in-house at The LAB’s brand-new 27,000 sq. ft. facility in New Haven. They put together quite a lavish pickup—lavish enough to safely assume that the winning person won’t see any reason to change a thing about it. The included mods are high dollar and labor intensive and are directly funded by proceeds from LGND’s sales of goods. Everyone wins when a company gives to its own community.

In order to follow the winning formula of the previous Ford F-450 Giveaway Project, the LAB crew began the build by matching the color of a large number of factory parts including the headlights, taillights, accessory light housings, badges, and OEM Power Steps. Although this may appear to be a simple process, it takes time and effort to select the best parts. To give the F-450’s bright white exterior far more illumination, Recon LED cab lights and a rear LED light strip under the tailgate have been added, as well as 20 of LGND’s own LED rock lights in the wheel wells and underneath the body for an exciting nighttime driving experience.

COVID was unable to deliver the 2022 F-450 on time. The same issue occurred when ordering components for the lift kit. While the first choices for certain products wouldn’t have been available to meet the project’s timeframe, PMF Suspension was able to deliver on a truly custom 8-inch+ King coilover kit that features a hand-fabricated frame cradle, boxed 4-link and traction bars, as well as front and rear diff covers and axle trusses. These components have been finished with white powdercoating as well as PMF’s own chrome powdercoated faceplates that give off a polished uniform appearance from all angles. The chassis system allows the enthusiast to adjust the ride height, for a more tailored fit.

Taking a page out of The LAB’s previous F-450 build, the same set of 26×14 American Force wheels for the front and 26-inch dually wheels at the rear were dipped in Fury M/T tires. Shifted Industries 2-inch billet spacers did the trick to get the front wheels set at the correct distance from the hub as well as separate the rear tires far enough apart for an aggressive width. The rolling setup was too good not to use it again for this new F-450 giveaway.

The factory Power Stroke was fitted with a No Limit Fab engine dress-up package, an aluminum battery box and coolant tank, along with a polished inlet tube. The engine bay was only modified to enhance the exterior, while the interior of the cab was mostly left stock. However, there is a crazy enclosure under the rear seat that houses four JL Audio subwoofers, as well as custom lighting. With the upgraded two-tone blue and gray leather seats and the size of the infotainment screen from the factory, there really wasn’t a whole lot that needed to be changed up with the interior.

The LGND39 ’22 Ford F-450 was completed in October 2023—right on track to give away to one lucky winner that will be selected at the very beginning of December. The latest grand prize car is now ready to be delivered to its new owner, despite some speed bumps along the way. LGND Supply Co. once again delivered a highly anticipated build that features some of coolest components available in the custom-truck industry.

Watch out for the next custom vehicle giveaway from the team that has mastered the art of giving away stunning vehicles.

2022 Ford F-450 Limited


  • LGND Supply Co.
  • North Haven, CT


  • No Limit Fab billet engine bay dress up package
  • Aluminium coolant tank with battery box
  • Polished intake


  • All suspension components powdercoated Pearl White & chrome
  • Lift Kit PMF 8 Inch
  • King coilovers up front, 2.5 reservoirs both front and back, steering stabilizer shocks
  • Frame cradle with boxed 4-link arm and traction bar with faceplates
  • Fabricated front and rear diff covers and axle trusses
  • Track bar drop bracket
  • Drop Pitman Arm
  • Drag link and adjustable sway bar ends


  • 26×14 American Force polished Orion CC Super Dually wheels
  • Shifted Industries 2 inch billet wheel spacers
  • 35×15.5R26 and 35×13.526 Fury M/T tires


  • OEM LED Headlights, Tow Mirrors, Badges, Factory Power Steps in color-matched OEM colors
  • Recon LED Cab Lights
  • The LGND White LED Rock Lights
  • BAKflip MX4 Bed Cover
  • Bed rug all-weather bed mat
  • 5th Wheel Ball Hitch
  • GEN-Y Hitch Powdercoated White
  • Double-walled MBRP tip


  • MTI Acoustics Stage 5 one-off subbox wrapped in leather
  • 4 JL Audio 10W3 subwoofers
  • Speakers for door panels and tweeters

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