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Mama BFS: A Tribute


Brian Hart Hoffman

To all of you, she was “Mama BFS”—a name she gave herself—but to me and my twin brother, Eric, she was Mom. More than Mom, however, she was my mentor, best friend, and boss. Phyllis Norton (Hoffman) DePiano’s time with us came to an end on July 10, 2023, and my heart was forever changed. I move forward with a huge hole that can’t be filled—but it’s a reminder to celebrate her legacy and passions every day.

She posted on her blog. My Journal Ribbon, that she didn’t want to be remembered for her résumé and professional achievements. “It’s not about accomplishments or wealth; it’s about loving unconditionally, encouraging others, reaching out a hand to those in need, praying for and with friends who are hurting, and being an example of living our lives in such a way that our family and friends know we are always there for them.”

You should know a little about her career to better appreciate the woman I’m honoring. After she became a certified accountant in 1970 and later married my dad, she decided to leave the world of work in order to realize her dream: becoming a mother. She prayed to have twins. In 1981, Eric…

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