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“A Sad Day”: How the Colorado Disqualification Case is Bringing Back Bad Memories for the Supreme Court


The Messenger has published my article on the Supreme Court challenge that will be faced in the next week regarding the disqualifications of the former President Donald Trump from Colorado and Maine. Maine’s appeal has been filed, and it can now be taken to the Court. Colorado is expected file this week. Colorado may seek to moot the appeal if the Court doesn’t act by January 4th. It would depend on Maine’s litigation to bring this matter back before the Court.

This is the column:

It is “a sad day for America and the Constitution when a court decides the outcome of an election.” Those words, condemning a 4-3 decision by state supreme court justices regarding a presidential election, undoubtedly spoke for millions of Americans.

However, it wasn’t a reference to the Colorado Supreme Court’s recent 4-3 decision to disqualify Donald Trump from running in the 2024 election. Instead, it was a statement by James Baker, then a spokesman for Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush, criticizing the Florida Supreme Court’s decision during the 2000 election.

In 2000, however, the U.S. Supreme Court was the one that received the most condemnation when it refused to order the recount as ordered by…

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