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Silence within is necessary for a life of prayer


A Prayerful Life Needs Interior Silence

You don’t have to think about God all the time. You can always be united to God even if you don’t think about Him constantly. Union is only possible when our will is united with God’s will.

What is the value of exercising the presence of God, as all masters of spirituality have urged? Now we will explain.

In order for our daily activities to be directed towards the highest spiritual ideal, we must have a very clear intention. Our life will then be one of prayerful living, apart from the moments we spend in prayer.

It is clear that the habit of giving an upward glance to God at the moment of action is a great assistance in aiding us to behave always with a pure intention and in freeing us from our natural impulses and fancies, so, that, retaining our self-mastery, or rather, God becoming the sole Master, all our movements become dependent upon the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel shows that, whenever Jesus was about to take a major step, He would pause for a few moments to lift His eyes up to Heaven. It was only after this brief moment of reflection that He began the task at hand. “He lifted up…

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