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A Little Race War

Martin Scorsese’s Killers of Flower Moon says the usual things about America’s racial demons, and says some of them well.

Credit: gettyimages/Patricia De Melo Moreira

Martin Scorsese, in his advanced age, has accomplished a remarkable feat. He has created a 206 minute movie about the Osage Nation without including a single Osage. Killers of Flower Moon There is some Osage decor, for sure. Lily Gladstone as Mollie Burkhart must be among the film’s most expensive props. This is not her fault—she did as well as could be expected for a character written with about half a dimension. In her first scenes, Mollie shows some promise; Gladstone’s delivery is charmingly eccentric. The heroine has become a cigar-store Indian by the time action begins: stiff, unthinking and unfeeling.

This is a prevailing theme throughout Scorsese’s latest work of racial reckoning. Despite its pretensions to progressive politics Killers of Flower Moon It is difficult to understand the Indian culture.

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