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A Journey to Yin


Om Yoga Magazine
A Journey to Yin

By Sarah Alice Lee

Reading time: 6 Minutes

Everybody’s journey to the yoga mat is different, as is the experience of the practice of yoga itself. We all have a different story, whether you enjoy the physical aspects such as strength building and stretching, or the spiritual connection that yoga may bring.

The journey to Yin Yoga began with a battle within me. Even when it came down to Yoga, I loved to sweat and move. I used to be a huge exercise addict. I craved the sweet serotonin rush that comes from a good workout. I was the person who could never sit still. It seemed like a bad idea to me that I would be walking into a dimly-lit room, listening to relaxing music and doing a meditation practice where you sit in a pose for 3 or 5 minutes.

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