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Director Howard Hawk’s Rio Bravo The short story by B.H. McCampbell. It takes place in the American West and tells the story of a small-town sheriff, John T. Chance, who enlists the help of “Dude,” a hard drinker with a past, “Stumpy,” an ornery codger with a bum leg, and “Colorado,” a quick-with-a-gun whippersnapper, to help him prevent the leader of a local band of outlaws from busting his brother — whom Chance arrested for murder — out of jail.

John Wayne was the epitome of the man’s man, and this film aptly showcases his charismatic demeanor and faultless delivery. The ensemble cast lends credibility to the proceedings, and Howard Hawks’ steady hand keeps things firing on all cylinders. Rio Bravo It is a timeless classic and one of my favorites by John Wayne.

Along with East of Eden Rio Bravo Warner Bros. has recently restored this classic film. This is an old-fashioned film, which relies on the visuals for its mood and tone. Looking at the film’s opening sequence, the level of depth and definition is immediately obvious. I was able to detect finer detail in interior shots, closeups and within…

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