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Director Rob Reiner’s genre-defying The Princess BrideWilliam Goldman wrote the screenplay and book. It’s weird, but it somehow works. This romantic, swashbuckling, fairy tale was a modest hit when it first appeared in 1987. Its quirky characters and absurd circumstances have made this movie a favorite among families for many generations.

When an under-the-weather preteen is visited by his granddad, armed with a prized book, an ordinary day becomes something very special as the narrative comes alive thanks to the old man’s indulgent oration. In less capable hands, this tale of treachery and true love, of foppish princes and sword fighting pirates, could have been unbearable schmaltz, but our enduring fondness for Westley, Buttercup, Fezzik, Iñigo et. al. is proof that it’s all in how you tell it.

The richness of the colors is a powerful and emotional effect, particularly in the costumes from that time and the rolling green hills. Adrian Biddle’s photography embraces the charm afforded by the English/Irish countryside locations, with the occasional swing-for-the-fences beauty shot thrown in for good measure. The 4K resolution in this presentation…

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