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In this darkly satiric thriller about conceptual dining, mockery is made both of foodies and society’s growing obsession with the dramatically experiential. The yacht takes a group of wealthy foodies, snobby gourmets and famous experts to a private island, where they are treated to an unforgettable dinner at a high-end gourmet restaurant. The group expects to be treated not just to a gourmet meal, but also a drama.

Gradually, as each course is presented, what is really in store for them from their obsessively controlling epicurean chef (Ralph Fiennes), his scary female maître d’, and cultishly loyal and obedient kitchen staff is revealed.

Only unpretentious Margot Mills (Anya Taylor-Joy), an extremely unimpressed escort plus one, might be able to interfere with Chef’s macabrely planned and executed menu.

Images can appear soft in low-level lighting, even though they are always detailed. Contrast is good so there are deep blacks and bright whites to the servers’ uniforms. Most of the shots are dominated with tasteful blue tones…

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