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The nice Minnesota turns dark in the Oscar-winning film from Joel and Ethan Coen (Original Screenplay by the Coen Brothers, Best Actress Frances McDormand). William H. Macy plays bumbling car salesman Jerry Lundegaard who lands himself in debt embezzling money through his father-in-law’s car dealership in a scheme using fake auto sales. In order to cover up his tracks and recover the money, he hires thugs Steve Buscemi (left) and Peter Stormare (right) to kidnap and hold his wife as ransom.

When a Minnesota state trooper is found dead, the plan goes awry and McDormand’s pregnant Fargo Sheriff (Marge Gunderson) becomes involved in the investigation. Roger A. Deakins’ poetry-in white and gritty cinematography turn this dark comedy’s setting into a character in its own right. McDormand, who delivers a near flawless performance of the upper midwestern dialect, anchors the film.

This Shout! This Shout! Fargo Deakins has supervised a 4K scan of the original camera neg. Transferred from Eastman EXR 5293 medium- and high-speed 35mm film, this transfer is highly detailed, crisp, with densely packed grains. The color palette…

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