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Under the guise of an invitation-only tournament for the world’s most elite fighters, the notorious crime lord Han is in fact planning something far more sinister. Bruce Lee, martial arts expert, agrees to take part in the tournament after being convinced by British intelligence. Bruce Lee has a dual goal: gather evidence for a government takedown and revenge on the man who killed his sister. A couple of newfound friends share Lee’s opposition to Han, but it will take more than these three to win this fight.

This was the final film that Bruce Lee completed — not the first action opus of its kind, but rather a new benchmark in its day that would elevate and legitimize the martial arts genre, introducing it to a global audience. Two versions are accessible on a single platter via seamless branching: the 1973 theatrical and 1998’s 25th anniversary “special edition,” the latter incorporating more philosophy and additional motivation for our hero.

In lavish Technicolor, Enter the Dragon Warner’s 4K… Warner’s magnificent 4K…

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