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A Home Tied to L.A. History Could Be Demolished—and People Are Upset


A listing for an estate sale alerted the internet to the fact that a 1930s home by Leland Fuller could be in trouble.

Los Angeles could soon lose another. Last weekend, the new owners of a 1938 Colonial Revival–style residence in Holmby Hills designed by renowned architect Leland F. Fuller held an estate sale to clear out the home with plans to demolish it. People have their opinions.

Many commenters expressed their dismay that the historic house would not be saved. Los Angeles is a wonderful, magical place. [sic] There are many stories and memories to be told within the walls of its architecture. Irreplaceable moments that can’t be bulldozed for concrete and glass mega mansions. Palm trees [sic] that they wanted to once replace with shade trees down sunset, to the many homes and classically architectural buildings that line the streets—how do we preserve L.A. like they do Palm Springs?” Write Instagram account @huneybeetea.

Fuller was a Californian architect and art director who won six Academy Award nominations. He designed period revival houses for Old Hollywood icons, like Gene Autry or Charles “Buddy” Rogers.

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