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A Hero Among Us


What is a hero’s appearance? In comics, heroes wear a cape or mask. In real life, they’re not so easy to spot.

William Crawford. He was a janitor for the Air Force Academy of Colorado Springs. He was seen by the cadets as a quiet, inconspicuous worker who went quietly about his cleaning tasks around the squadron. A cadet studying World War II came across an amazing story of a soldier who sacrificed his own life to save other soldiers. The man later spent 19 months as a German prisoner of war and was awarded the Medal of Honor, our nation’s highest military honor, for his sacrifice. The story also included a photograph of William Crawford – a man who looked remarkably similar to the squadron janitor.

The cadet asked the man the next day if it was Medal of Honor winner, William Crawford. The quiet janitor replied simply, “Yep, that’s me,” then kept right on sweeping.

Few people recognized William Crawford as an hero when he pushed around his broom. Everyone thought that they had all the information with a glance. Hidden beneath a humble janitor’s exterior was a true American Hero who lived quietly after years…

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