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The adoption process can be a rollercoaster ride for both adoptive and birth parents. A Chosen child offers comprehensive support to all parties involved in the adoption process, ensuring that a child is placed into a stable and loving home.

A Chosen Child, located in the heart of downtown Orlando, has been helping children and families since over 20 years. Ashley Filimon, who is now in her sixth year of being the executive director at A Chosen Child, takes great pride in the attention and service that she and her staff provide to birthparents, children, and adopting families. You won’t usually find them in the office: They prefer to spend their time out of the office where the most need exists. A Chosen Child is driven by the passion to impact lives and meet needs. They are not content to simply “place children for adoption.” A Chosen Child goes beyond the traditional role of many adoption agencies by balancing the needs of birth parents and adoptive parents while focusing on the baby.

Birth mothers may choose to adopt their children for various reasons including family, health, social and economic. Filimon and the team at A Chosen…

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