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A group of Elden Ring's most devoted players have slain the same Souls bosses nearly 800 times while waiting for the DLC to release


Dark Souls 3's hardest bosses are routinely getting punished by Elden Ring's most devoted players as they wait for the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC to finally release.

Three YouTubers, Lellollo, Kyoufo, and YSh0T, carry the torch that JPNB left behind when they retired from fighting Malenia, Elden Ring's most brutal boss, every day until the DLC announcement. Back then, Lellolo was only around 134 days into dueling Gael on the ashy outskirts of Dark Souls 3's Ringed City DLC. Today, they're on day 399, and Shadow of the Erdtree doesn't even have a specific release date yet.

Gael isn't quite as tough as Malenia, but when you're wearing almost nothing like Lellollo, a single hit could be the end. Their latest video echoes what it was like watching Let Me Solo Her's 1,000th attempt on Elden Ring's Goddess of Rot with a full five minutes of graceful dodging and precision strikes. Every fight is clean, whether they're sporting dual Uchigatanas or cosplaying as Melina gripping a Morion Blade. What happens when you spend over a year battling a single bad guy?

Kyoufo held a daily challenge earlier this year where they faced one of the toughest dragon bosses from the Souls series: Midir ,…

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