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Flip Pallot: A Day With Flip


Flip Pallot’s voice is so captivating that you listen intently to everything he says. His stories are filled with thoughtfulness and a love for the outdoors. Flip was a lifelong fisherman, having grown up in Miami and fishing in Biscayne bay and the Everglades before micro-skiffs or graphite pushpoles became popular. Flip’s passion is fishing and the natural environment. He was a mentor to pioneering greats such as Stu Apte, Lefty Kreh and others. Flip has in turn inspired countless guides and anglers through his television show. Walker’s Cay Chronicles There are many more projects. 

Flip is on the Anglers Journal Podcast, talking about his childhood in Miami and how fishing has opened up all sorts of doors for him. He also talks about the network of guide that he considers his best friends. 

Anglers Journal Magazine will be publishing a feature about Flip’s life soon.

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