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The best of the rest


I heard him first. It was pitch black just a few minutes before legal shooting time when the buck leapt from the ride in front of me. The muntjac was couched behind some long grass, and I had not seen him when I first scanned the ride using the thermal. However, at the sound his rapid departure made me lift the Pulsar to see the muntjac running along the ride.

He would not stop, I thought. When I saw him dive into the hazel coppice to the left of the ride, I assumed he’d just keep running. He didn’t stop, but stood there in the hazel bushed, wondering what creature disturbed him. Although most of the body was hidden by the thick vegetation, I could see his head and neck as he turned to look at me. There was still a chance.

I quickly put my rifle on the sticks, and then clocked the target with the Krypton accessory, which was ready and fully fired on the front of the scope. After squeezing a shot I could clearly see the Hornady Copper 80-gr Bullet strike the top part of the neck. After a quick inspection, I let him continue his…

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