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A Beacon of Hope in Quartz


Warning: Images may be disturbing.

North Shore Animal League America’s unwavering commitment to saving every life has no limits. Quartz, at only weeks old, needed all our resources to live.


Quartz’s battered body was found in Brooklyn by a Good Samaritan. Quartz’s body was found by a Good Samaritan in Brooklyn. It looked like he was hiding under the car hood, and that his hind legs had become tangled up with the fan belt as the engine began. The trauma caused to his limbs was heart-wrenching, yet our Pet Health Centers team leapt into action, determined to mend Quartz’s shattered world.

Dr. Mark Verdino, Animal League America Chief of Veterinary Staff, explained, “Quartz’s right hind leg was unfortunately without any viable soft tissue, so we had no choice but to amputate that limb. The left hind foot was also very traumatized with exposed tendon and bone on the top surface, but we are employing aggressive wound care to get the tissue to heal and hoping we end up with a functional foot at the end of the day.” The team’s innovative approach included the application of stem cell ointment and a matrix of collagen that aimed to accelerate tissue regrowth.


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