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The 9 biggest turnoffs to wives

The 9 biggest turnoffs to wives

Susan likes it when I leave notes for her around the house. I’ve done it for years and she’s really appreciated them. I’d leave a sticky note with messages like “You caffeinate me!” on the coffee pot or “Checking you out…” on the bathroom mirror. I was only motivated by the desire to make her happy. She needed to know that I deeply cared for them. I wanted to let her know I cared about her, even when I wasn’t there.

Most husbands spend time, particularly at the beginning of their marriage, learning what makes women feel loved. That’s part of the fun of marriage, and it gets easier to figure out the longer you’re together. You’ve probably spent a lot of time learning about what makes your wife tick. It can be painful or less enjoyable at times. No two wives are the same, but I think it’s safe to say these are 9 of the biggest turnoffs for wives.

1. Fishing

No, I’m not talking about the lake. I’m talking about fishing for compliments. It seems needy. It is natural to want respect and affirmation. Fishing for compliments can be a great way to boost your ego. However, it can be frustrating for wives who constantly feel the need to praise their husbands to make them feel good.


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