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The Best Breads to Serve at Your Thanksgiving Table


The most important step to your best “Bakes-giving”? Of course, the bread basket! These nine breads, from warm rolls to browned butter biscuits that are heavenly and everything in-between, will be the star of your holiday table.

1. Sage Browned Butter Biscuits

These aren’t your average buttermilk biscuits. Sage Browned Butter Biscuits is a savory biscuit recipe. These biscuits, which are perfect for any meal, use browned butter infused with sage for flaky, fluffy layers, and buttermilk to give them a rich, tangy flavor. To finish, sprinkle the golden-brown biscuits with flaked salt and butter.

2. Cranberry-Sage Fantails

cranberry fantailsThese golden-layered Cranberry Sage Fantails are elegant and deliciously buttery. They will elevate any autumn feast. Each petal is a perfect bite, each flecked by tart, red cranberries with the earthy scent of sage.

3. Beer-Cheddar Muffins

We don’t need to tell you that beer and cheese work well together. But you won’t realize how divine this pairing is until you taste these lager-and cheddar-laden muffins. Based on a classic family recipe from editor-in-chief Brian Hart Hoffman’s mother, you’ll…

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