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Edinburgh 72 Hours, Scotland


Sitting on the tram on my way from Scotland’s Edinburgh airport to the city center, a light breeze that smelled of air freshener blew against my face as we cruised smoothly along a tram track lined by bright green shrubbery and flowers. The NYC underground subway system I was used was grimy. I knew I would love this city.

Arrived in Edinburgh We were on our first trip abroad with a good friend, and I felt excited as we watched the green shrubbery that surrounded our tram car transform into medieval architecture and streets lined up with shops and tourists. We spent the next three nights exploring all that Edinburgh had to offer.  

Whether you’ve already booked your ticket or you’re just planning your trip. Here’s a three day itinerary of things to do, see, and experience in the enchanting medieval city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Royal Mile. Photo by Sergii Figurnyi

Day One

After settling into your Edinburgh accommodation, take a stroll around the city. You will enjoy exploring the streets, just for the sake of seeing all the beautiful architecture. Edinburgh (which by the way is pronounced “Eh-din-bruh”) is split into different quarters. There’s the Old Town, a facet of…

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