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The 7 most fascinating facts about Fir trees


1. Fir Tree Needles are Softer

Male Northern Cardinal

Fir, spruce and pine needles are all attached one at a time to twigs. Fir tree needles have a soft and flat texture, while those of spruce trees are stiffer and more angular.

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2. Fraser Firs are Long-Lasting

Christmas Tree Fraser Fir Isolated On White
Fraser fir

Fraser Firs retain their needles for seven weeks or longer after cutting.

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3. Balsam Firs have a slow growth rate

It takes nine to ten years for the balsam fir to reach its ideal height. So, be patient!

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4. Douglas Firs Tower over Other Trees

Douglas firs can reach heights of up to 300 feet in the wild. Despite its name, it is not a real fir or pine.

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5. You can find clues about trees by looking at the cones

Spruce Branch And Cone. Fir Christmas Tree. Green Pine, Spruce Branch With Needles. Isolated On White Background. Close Up Top View, High Resolution.

Fir cones are upright and not hanging. Sizes range from 1 inch to 3 inches. 1/2 To 10 inches

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6. Centuries-Long Lifespan

Firs can live for hundreds of years, including the Pacific silver fir.

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