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There are 6 things you and your partner can learn from older couples


It is a great gift to receive wisdom from couples who are older. A friend of mine was introduced to a couple that was about to celebrate 77-years of marriage. The couple faced many difficulties in their relationship including a WWII deployment and the death of a child. When asked what the secret was to a long-lasting marriage, the answer was, “Never go to bed without kissing each other.” While kisses help, there are additional ways to ensure a loving, happy bond.

When Susan and I got married for the first time, we sought advice from older couples on how to do things like communicate effectively, resolve conflict and manage money. We enjoy sharing our wisdom with couples who have been married for over 30 years. After a few decades of marriage and many trials, there is a wealth of wisdom that can be shared. Here are six pieces of wisdom shared by older couples.

1. Low points can last for longer than expected.

The wedding day is usually a beautiful moment in time—the dress, the ceremony, the smiles and laughter. Not every day is going to be as blissful. The couple who celebrated 77 years of marriage grieved over their child’s death for many years. Even decades later, the pain was still there. You could face a loss of employment, poor health and even rifts in friendships. The lowest points in…

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