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6 Steps To Get Your Dog To Pose For Photos


Twelve years of traveling with our dog taught me many things. I also learned how to make a dog pose for photos. Ty and Buster’s skills were legendary. Myles is our puppy and I was forced to be more creative.

The fun part of traveling with Ty and Buster included taking pictures and sharing them. Well, calling it “fun” might be a bit of a stretch. When we first started out “chaos” would have been a more appropriate description of our photo shoots. We learned a few tricks on how to get your dog to pose in photos. Soon we started receiving comments of this type:

“I’m so impressed that your boys will pose!”

“If I’d let go of the leash, my dog would be in the next county.”

“Look how well-behaved they are! And how photogenic!”

“Do you know how many pics I’d have to take of my pack to get one that looked this good?”

Myles was the next dog to come along after Ty and Buster. It became a priority to teach him how he should pose for pictures. Testing my theories on our new pup as convinced me I’m on the right path. Myles loves to take photos, so you can judge for yourself how they turn out.

Brindle puppy sitting at the top of the stairs in a motorhome

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