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Modern Houses With Sleek Lines That Are Inviting


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indoor-outdoor patio
Photographer Jenna Peffley

Let’s play a visualization game with the phrase Modern house exteriors. What do you think of? Maybe a home in black and white with clean angles, and lots of windows. You might imagine a curved façade made from cool industrial materials like metal or cement, with a hint natural wood. Both are right. 

That’s because the covetable exterior style isn’t limited to one look, and yet each modern home’s exterior grasps onto the principles of design heavyweights like Mies van der Rohe and Louis Sullivan. The pragmatic mindset balances serious style and streamlined architectural features, whether the home looks like a black A-frame or has wall-to-wall glass. Ahead, we’re rounded up six modern house exteriors that may inspire a refresh of your own home’s facade—or at least spark a few daydreamy Zillow scrolling sessions. 

The Bungalow Updated

white brick facade

The bungalow that Alykhan Velji, a Canadian designer, and his partner Jason moved into in 1959 was orangey-red brick with white siding.

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