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Six Indoor Plant Hacks That You Must Start Using Right Away


In recent years, being a parent of houseplants has become more popular. According to civicscience.com 66 percent of U.S. consumers own at minimum one houseplant. As there are so many people who grow houseplants, we always learn something and our readers share their best plant hacks.

1. Water houseplants using ice cubes

One can prevent a muddy mess on the flooring by using a rag. Birds & Blooms Reader shares their secret to growing plants. “I put ice cubes in my hanging plants,” Roslyn Francis of Lodi, California, says. “As the ice melts, the soil absorbs the water and it doesn’t drip out the bottom of  the pot.”

When is the best moment to water plants?

2. Get Creative with Plant Placement

Some plants prefer shade, while others need the sun. Furniture, like long sofa tables, can be creatively placed in front of windows to give your plants the sun they need.

Hope Cate from Wilmington, North Carolina explains. “I placed a long sofa table so that half of it is in front of a south-facing window,” she says. “Plants that prefer a lot of light are in the area in front of the window. The other half of the desk is in shade so I can put many plants on one table ,…

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