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Michael Jordan: Interesting Facts


The GOAT in the basketball court is a fascinating character.

Taylor Smith CC0, via Unsplash

Michael Jordan was one of basketball’s greatest athletes. Being one of the major reasons why the NBA’s popularity grew like wildfire around the world, the former Chicago Bulls legend is considered a basketball demigod by many fans from around the world.

When you look at his impressive highlights and resume, it’s no surprise that MJ is regarded among many as the undisputed GOAT. Playing 15 seasons in the NBA from 1984 to 2003, “His Airness” was able to build up one of the most distinguished resumes in the history of the game.

Considered to be one of the most gifted basketball superstars of all time, MJ’s trophy case included 11 All-NBA selections, 5 MVPs, 14 All-Star appearances, 6 Finals MVPs, 10 scoring titles, 1 DPOY, and 6 championships, among a long list of other accolades.

Mike, in addition to being the greatest athlete of all time is also a successful businessman, an actor, and a philanthropist.

1. NBA History’s highest vertical jump

Michael Jordan has the undisputed title as the greatest NBA jumper. He lived…

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