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5 Sweet Spring Desserts

5 Sweet Spring Desserts

Sweet spring desserts inspired by vibrant ingredients and season flavors. They are bursting with sweet berries and citrus zest, as well as fragrant lavender.

Sheet Pan Pavlova with Lavender Berries

A meringue can be as light and sweet as it is satisfying, which makes it the perfect spring accompaniment to any meal. Our Sheet Pan Pavlova With Lavender Berries will elevate your dessert game. This playful twist on the classic dessert, drizzled in fragrant lavender simple syrup promises a symphony flavors and aromas.

Grapefruit-Lime Pie

Grapefruit Tart

A simple citrus custard is topped off with caramelized grapefruit. This flavorful Grapefruit-Lime Pie will give you the assurance that summer is on its way.

Lemon-Coconut Tassies

Our Lemon Coconut Tassies are a spring dessert packing a zesty punch of lemony goodness nestled in coconut-infused pastry shells.

These Lemon-Coconut Tassies are a tasty spring dessert with a lemony kick, nestled inside coconut-infused pastry shells. 

Strawberry-Basil Sweet Rolls

Strawberry Basil Rolls

Strawberry-Basil Sweet Rolls are a delicious spring treat made with garden-fresh herbs and berries.

No-Churn Chocolate Cherry Pecan Ice Cream

Help yourself to a scoop of our Chocolate Cherry Pecan No-Churn Ice Cream, a quick and easy dessert that comes together in no time!

No-Churn Chocolate Cherry Pecan Ice Cream – a simple and delicious dessert you can make in minutes! Packed with rich, chocolatey goodness and bursts…

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