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As a leader, you should fight these 5 battles.


In our 25 years of working together with All Pro Dad, I’ve heard Tony Dungy share many stories about the challenges he faced to become an NFL head coach. In the past, it was common for coaches to be loud-mouthed screamers that yelled at their athletes and slept in the office. Tony was an amiable, kind leader who valued other things over his job. When interviewing for coaching positions, he’d tell NFL owners, “I’m going to give you a lot. I believe I’m going to deliver you a championship. But no, the team is not going to be the most important thing.”

To get hired, Tony fought against a stereotype—the expectation that coaches should look, act, and sound a certain way. The failure to conform could be the end of a promising young player’s career. Tony, once hired, had to work hard to motivate players used to a particular style of coaching. But he was determined to lead a different way—with quiet strength—and eventually, he won a Super Bowl. As a manager, he understood that some things are important enough to fight for. Here are 5 battles in leadership worth fighting.

1. For Unity

Having unity doesn’t mean everyone in your organization, family, or peer group will get along perfectly all the time. It’s about coming together.

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