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Three ways we let others kill our courage

Three ways we let others kill our courage

Will Smith was a star in 2006. The Pursuit of Happyness The film is based on Chris Gardner’s life, who was homeless for an entire year and struggled to achieve success. Chris Gardner and his son are seen shooting hoops from the roof of an office building in downtown. As the boy dribbles and shoots, he yells, “I’m going pro!” His father tells him not to waste too much time on basketball. “I was below average, so you’ll probably ultimately rank around there,” he said. The boy’s face sinks. He walks away dejectedly, places his ball into a bag and looks out at the city. Smith’s character realizes what he’s done, looks at his boy, and says, “Don’t ever let somebody tell you you can’t do something. Not even me.”

You need courage to try something new, difficult or frightening. We want to be brave, but our fear stops us. All too often, like for the boy in the movie, others’ fear is what holds us back. Here are 3 ways in which we let other people kill our bravery.

1. We do not value their opinion enough.

Ever been told you would fail because you weren’t smart enough, fast enough, or talented? When we start to believe others’ opinions, we tend to try less. Instead of letting other people kill…

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