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3 Ways to Tell When Your Message Isn’t Landing


The maximum score a dart player can achieve in a standard game is 60 points. It’s a high-risk shot because the 60-point space is tiny and hard to hit. The throw of a competitor could be worth only one point if they miss the target by a tiny amount. In darts a fraction inch can mean the difference between a win and a loss. Missing the mark or not being understood can be costly in leadership.

Problems arise when, as leaders, we think we’re hitting the bullseye, but we are unknowingly off-target. This is a recipe for repeating what isn’t working, failing to connect with the team, and not being understood. If we don’t notice when our approach is falling flat, we’ll unintentionally continue to be ineffective. If you’re able to recognize the problem, you can take action. Here are 3 ways to tell when your message isn’t landing.

1. You tend to repeat yourself a lot.

If you confuse your audience, they will tune you out. Are you too complex? Do you ask enough questions? Are you rushing through? Clarity eliminates confusion. Re-evaluate the message you’re sending if it seems to be repeated. What has worked in the past might not…

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